“HAINAN ISLAND is waiting,

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“Your Step-by-Step Guide to Having the


on China’s Amazing Tropical Paradise!!”

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever wanted to discover one of the world’s greatest paradises, long before anyone else even knows it exists?

Maybe you dream about relaxing, and I mean totally relaxing, on some of theworld’s most beautiful beaches?

Or maybe you want to trek through one of the world’s last rainforests, before it’s gone forever…

If you said yes to one or more of the above, it only makes sense to keep reading this letter.

Why? Because your opportunity to discover one of the world’s most beautiful islands, awaits you.

It’s called Hainan Island, and it really is the undiscovered jewel of the South China Sea…

If you don’t believe me, listen to what Newsweek Magazine says about Hainan Island.  They called it the hottest new destination of 2005.  Now that’s a great compliment!

Hainan Island – Undiscovered Paradise

So what’s so special about Hainan Island?  Well, it’s a virtual undiscovered paradise.  Many call it the China’s Hawaii.  And that’s true, if you are talking about Hawaii 50 years ago, before mass commercialization took away some of its charm.

The great thing about Hainan Island is that you can still walk for miles on its white, pristine beaches, some of the absolute most beautiful beaches in the world, and not even run into another soul.  It’s just that undiscovered.

You can walk among ancient ruins, touching a 5000 year old tree, or tracing the footsteps of ancient heroes.

You can climb to the top of a mountain, with breathtaking views of local hotsprings and waterfalls, surrounded only by nature herself.

And yet, you can still enjoy modern day comforts — golf at some of Asia’s greatest golf courses, stay at 5 star luxurious hotels, pamper yourself with an amazing body massage.

Even better yet, you can treat yourself to some of the best tasting food in the entire world.  Seafood to die for, fresh from the sea.  Local chicken and beef dishes that will leave you asking for more.

It’s all here, on China’s tropical paradise.  You’ve got a virtual paradise, bursting onto the international tourist scene, but still holding on to its ancient charm.

You can have it all.  You can experience Hainan Island before the commercialization makes it just another Hawaii….

But you’ll need one thing to ensure you enjoy Hainan Island. 

You’ll need information, something to help you navigate through this beautiful, but non-English speaking island.

If you don’t have it, you’ll waste your precious holiday time

….you’ll be frustrated by the lack of help you’ll get because you don’t speak the local language

…..you’ll get taken advantage of by local tourist vendors and sites that target foreigners (sorry, but it happens).


Learning the Hard Way

I’m an experienced traveler. I love to travel. So far, I’ve visited over 35 countries.

I admit it. I have the travel bug!

When I travel, I always plan ahead and find out as much as possible about the places I’m going.

This is exactly what I set out to do for my trip to Hainan Island.

I heard Hainan Island was an absolute jewel – the “Hawaii of the Orient”

–a tropical island with some of the world’s best beaches and golf courses, a thousand year old tropical rainforest, the best ethnic villages anywhere in the world.

I was intrigued! I started to find out what I could about Hainan Island.

And let me tell you, what an eye opener that was!

What I found out was that Hainan’s booming tourist industry is creating problems for tourists.

Shady vendors and others that just want to make a quick buck off unsuspecting tourists…. Inflated prices, questionable quality at hotels, resorts, attractions… down-right deception… I’m sorry to say it’s all there.

How Do You Protect Yourself?

The problems you’ll experience getting good information about Hainan are HUGE!

You won’t find what you need on the internet, in bookstores, or from a travel agent…

There is only one place where you’ll find the information you need.

Local Expert Advice

The only place to get it is from local experts… and that’s what I did.

I fell in love with Hainan the very first time I visited the island.  But my holiday was not all that it could have been.

I missed out on some of the great places to go, because I didn’t speak Chinese.

Not speaking the language made me a prime candidate for being ripped off by locals — I knew it, but there was nothing I could do about it.

So, when I went back the next time, I made sure that I hired the very best guides on Hainan Island. 

I asked them all the important questions — where to go, where not to go, where to get the best food for the best prices, where the shopping bargains REALLY were….

I asked them to tell me the stories and people behind the Island’s amazing historical sites (remember, I don’t speak Chinese, and there are NO translations available at any of the tourist sites).

They told me everything.  And I wrote it down for you.

I put that one-of-a-kind information together for you in an electronic travel guide that is well-written, easy to use, and instantly downloadable from your computer.

Hainan Island E-Travel Guide

This amazing Hainan Island E-Travel Guide can be yours.

It’s the world’s only English language travel guide for Hainan Island.

It’s the world’s first travel guide dedicated entirely to Hainan Island.

And it’s all based on first hand experience from the experts who know the island the best.

It’s everything you need to know about Hainan Island… and I mean everythingyou need to know

Once you have this guide, there’s no excuses for not having your dream vacation come true!

Easy to Download – Easy to Use

It’s all here for you in my E-Travel Guide that you download from the comfort of your own computer.

No need to rush out and try finding it at a local store.  No need to wait at home for it to be delivered to you.

The Hainan Island Travel Guide comes to you as a PDF file that you can load on your laptop and take with you.

Or, you can download it to your computer and print off the pages you want to take with you on your trip.

It’s just that easy…. it’s instant, downloadable, truly invaluable advice you don’t want to leave home without, all at the click of a finger!

Get Expert Advice. . .

It’s possible.  You can wake up tomorrow and know EXACTLY what to do to have the perfect Hainan Island vacation.

Over 90 pages of absolutely essential information.

You’ll discover. . .

  • Secrets that Hainan’s taxi drivers, vendors, hotel owners and tourist operators don’t want you to know.
  • What things should cost you, not the inflated prices that most tourists pay.
  • How to save big (and I mean BIG) on your hotel and food costs
  • How to get around Hainan effortlessly


You’ll learn to avoid the mistakes that could spoil your holiday.

  • What sites and attractions are pure shams and not worth your time or money
  • How to find authentic examples of Hainan’s rich culture and avoid the ones that are fake
  • When to come, what to bring and what to do when you’re there
  • The single biggest mistake people make when they vacation on Hainan Island . . .

It’s all here for you… timely, accurate, essential information…. from Hainan’s leading experts.

In fact, if you only used one tip I’ve given you in my guide, you could end upsaving 60% off your hotel bill… that saving alone makes this travel guide worth its weight in gold!

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~ Ada Cheung

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~ David Liu

My Extensive Travel Information is Yours Risk Free

I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours getting this information for you on Hainan Island.  It’s insider information, that you can’t get any other way.

For starters, here are some of the things you’re going to learn. . .


Travel Tips for Getting Around 

  • Find your way with confidence — up-to-date bus, train and ferry schedules
  • Tips for navigating Sanya and Haikou’s airports
  • Tips on taking taxis that will save you time, money and aggravation
  • Renting a car – be forewarned!
  • Tourist scams – know what to look for to avoid disappointment
  • Bussing around Hainan – it’s not as easy as it looks
  • Bartering – have fun and save a lot of money

Where To Stay and Dine 

  • The best hotels for every budget – get value for your money
  • Staying off the beaten track – is this advised?
  • The best restaurants for every budget
  • The best local dishes everyone should experience
  • Tipping advice – what do the locals say?
  • The best markets – they are not all the same!
  • Precautions when eating local, you need to know this

See the Very Best Of Hainan

  • The Top 10 “Absolutely Must See” sites
  • The Top 10 Historical and Cultural Attractions
  • The best white-sand beaches
  • The best tips to save you time and money
  • The best world-class golf courses and resorts
  • The most thrilling festivals and events
  • The best shopping experiences
  • The liveliest night clubs in Sanya and Haikou
  • The best ways to experience the tropical rainforest

You’ll Avoid Making Costly Mistakes

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more, I couldn’t possibly list them all here!

My “Hainan Island E-Travel Guide” is crammed full of absolutely “must have” information for you.

Over 90 pages of  top 10 lists, insider secrets and money-saving tips that will give you peace of mind on your next trip to Hainan Island.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours getting this information for you to make sure you get your most important questions answered.

Questions about the weather, the best tourist sites, the best restaurants and hotels, Hainan maps, it’s all here . . .


Information You CAN’T Afford to Be Without

With this much information, you would expect to pay upwards of $50.

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 Happy travels, everyone!


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