Looking For All Inclusive Seychelles Deal?

Seychelleshinan1 Before finalising all inclusive Seychelles deal, you need to know a bit about the geography, climate, main spots, cuisines and culture. Situated in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an island nation. Over 116 islands comprise the nation. Since the nation lies in the temperate zone, you don’t have to worry about extreme climate at any part of the year. Just find time and take a plane or board a ferry or cruise to the island. You can board a flight to the islands from France, Mauritius, South Africa and Singapore. There is a bit of humidity here because most of the islands are small in area. The beauty here is scenic and overwhelming. It is worth knowing that this nation is world leader in the field of sustainable tourism project.

A few decades back, Seychelles did not see much development. But recent years have seen a boost in tourism and as a result development of infrastructure as well. The standards of living too have risen dramatically.

VIEWSeychelles Tourism Board is the authority for managing the tourism here and its development. It is based on public-private model. Since tourism is a major source of earning here, it is taken seriously by the government. The population is under one lakh but the residents have a rich culture. Food and drink about and a connoisseur would find it difficult to leave the place. Since the government has allowed foreign investment on the soil, infrastructure and amenities have developed at a rapid pace. You can find the best restaurants and hotels in the area. Chartered flights make travel easier to any of the islands. Staple food of the island country includes fish, seafood, and shellfish dishes. These are combined with rice to make it a wholesome meal. There are several methods of cooking the fish and seafood here. These include steamed, grilled, baked, salted, and wrapped in banana leaves. Coconut and mangoes are also used as secondary staples here. Creole cuisine is quite popular and consists of seafood, meat, rice and fruit. Another interesting dish is Bouyon Kreson. It is made by putting together potato, egg, and butter in milk. You can board a flight to the islands from France, Mauritius, South Africa and Singapore. One can also reach the island cruising through ship.

Paradise Fly catcher, one of the rarest bird species is found here. Once this land was a harbour of giant tortoises but they were lost to time and change. However, even today, there are occasions when giant tortoises come ashore for laying eggs. It becomes a major attraction among the tourists. Such a scene is overwhelming as there are only a few people on this planet who get to see tortoise laying eggs. Several events are organized here including Cultural Bazaars, South East Monsoon Sailfish Tournament and World Tourism Day. Even the local people participate enthusiastically and this adds to the fun.

Mahe is one of the largest islands here while Praslin is the second largest. Victoria is the capital city and is home to an international airport.